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Personal Trainers in Michigan Changing Lives One Workout at a Time

Art of Strength West Bloomfield isn’t just another gym with typical workout equipment and trainers who lead huge classes to varying and modest results. On the contrary, anyone who’s had the good fortune of working out with some of Art of Strength’s leading personal trainers in Michigan will attest that the AOS experience is a life-changing one.

One of the key tools in Art of Strength’s vintage progression workout approach are the kettlebells. These weights assist in fat loss, toning, strength training, and cardiovascular fitness. A kettlebell workout burns about 400 calories an hour if used properly. Utilizing the full potential of the kettlebell is something AOS head trainer Mike Knight is very conscious of. “99 out of 100 people don’t want to do kettlebells because they were trained wrong. But it’s just another object to move. It has metabolic advantages. It’s going to get your heart rate going.”

Two more of the best personal trainers in Michigan are Art of Strength’s Scott George and Sarah Smith. Like the rest of the staff at AOS, Scott and Sarah focus on empowering their clients to reach their maximum potential. According Sarah, she aspires to “put the ‘fun’ back into functional training.” With various tools and techniques incorporated into the AOS workout, clients will find their strength and confidence growing in tandem.

As some of the most effective personal trainers in Michigan, the staff at Art of Strength West Bloomfield have changed the lives of men, women, and children from all walks of life and levels of experience. No fitness goal is too big or small. There’s a life-changing AOS workout for everyone.

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