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Saved by the Kettlebell: Why Using Kettlebell Exercises for Weight Loss Works

It’skettlebellsforweightloss commonly known that using kettlebell exercises for weight loss is one of Art of Strength’s favorite tools for helping workout devotees lose pounds. Yet, how exactly do kettlebells contribute to weight loss? What’s the secret behind the cast iron ball? Read on to learn more about why kettlebell workouts will change your life.

One of the reasons that kettlebells can have a great effect on our bodies is because they utilize the natural resistance provided by the weight’s size and form. AOS head trainer Mike Knight utilizes this thought in his Vintage Progression training method, which involves using any weighted item in a resistance-led work out.

“AOS always starts with our system called Vintage Progression… It’s basically taking an object, no matter what that object is, and moving it as effectively as possible,” Knight says. “We have tried to recreate the strongman’s set.” By utilizing old school tools, like kettlebells, barbells and dumbbells, AOS methodology was based on this easy-to-understand resistance program on weight lifters of yesteryear.

In addition to the advantage a kettlebell’s weight offers, the tool can increase weight loss based on the body’s positioning throughout their use. Depending on the way an AOS trainer asks a user to move a kettlebell, they are capable of developing a workout routine that hits numerous problem areas on a client’s body. Whether it be the arms, legs or an abundance of stomach fat, there is an exercise that can help users lose weight in a target area. From there, AOS staff can help tone and tighten the body to achieve what each client is looking for.

It’s important to remember when beginning training with kettlebells that, just like with all exercise routines, weight loss comes with time and hard work. After all, there are no simple answers for weight loss. At times, the process will be frustrating, but the key to success to using kettlebell exercises for weight loss is sheer motivation. With Mike Knight and his AOS staff at your side, there won’t be any lack of encouragement.

“The biggest thing you need to do as a trainer is make sure clients are successful. You’re building a relationship,” Knight says. “When they take this journey in your training facility, if you can’t correct their form and make them successful, they’re going to question everything you ask them to do. With me, if I throw a weight at them and tell them to pick it up, it goes up, because I’ve instilled the confidence in them that no matter what I ask them to do – whether it’s eating, whether it’s working out – they know I’m not going to ask them to do something physically they can’t do.”